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Manscandle… Candles For Men!

Posted on 29 April 2016

Manscandle, Candles For Men

Today's post focuses on a range of candles for men: Manscandle! There is a clue about the target market in the brand name of course!

The Manscandle range offers six different fragrance styles that have a more masculine appeal. However, unlike gimmicky fragranced candles for men such as bacon, ashtray and petrol, the Manscandle collection focuses on aromas that will not require you to fumigate your home after the "prank" candle has been lit… and in fairness, I can't imagine too many ashtray scented candles being lit more than once in the same house!

Manscandle fragrances include:

No nasty scent surprises here… just seriously well fragranced men's candles that will also appeal to women.

So if the Manscandle fragrances have a unisex attraction, what makes them specifically candles for men? Apart from the name of course!

Why Are Manscandles, Men's Candles?

The Manscandle gift-box style packaging and glass container for the candle itself are the components that make this range a more male-targeted product. Each fragrance in the range has a design that would be considered more specifically masculine, and each has it's own manly strapline.

The Sandalwood candle packaging has a pub theme design featuring a beer glass over a dart board… very blokey! This is reinforced with the strapline "A drop of the good stuff!": indeed! As with all candles in the Manscandle collection, the Sandalwood packaging design is carried over onto the candle container. However, where the gift-box packaging is colour printed, the design on the glass containers is emboss printed in silver.

The design of the Cassis & Fig packaging definitely brings to mind James Bond! The figure of a dinner-suited man in the classic pose from the opening titles of Bond movies is presented behind a martini glass: shaken not stirred! This theme is reinforced with the suggestion that the candle comes "With Added Danger".

Manscandle's Basil & Coriander candle celebrates man's best friend… or one of them at least! The boxer dog design on the gift box and candle container will "Bring Out The Dog In You". Nice!

For men who like "A Dash Of Lady Luck", the Lemongrass & Thyme theme is based around gambling! A Las Vegas design featuring race horses represents the "Lady Luck" element and would make a nice gift for men who enjoy a day at the races.

The Nutmeg & Ginger candle is targeted to men who like fast cars. Its packaging design is a retro model Porsche and the suggestion that the candle comes "With A Splash Of Motor Oil". I'm not sure about the motor oil, but the spicy nutmeg & ginger aromas are sure to be a hit with men.

Finally, the Cedarwood candle delivers "The Sweet Smell Of Success", reinforced by the money-themed package design, which features a stack of coins set against a $100 bill.

Manscandles range of men's candles is definitely tongue in cheek, although each candle has real quality underneath the hood!

Ideal Gift Candles For Men?

So the packaging designs are a bit of fun, and perhaps they overshadow the true quality of the candle fragrances. As the Manscandle collection is made by Canova who produces the lovely Noctua Owl votives and the Royal Botanic Gardens candle collection for Kew, the same premium quality ingredients are used.

Manscandles are great gift candles for men but the truth is each candle in the collection delivers lovely masculine frgrances that will be welcomed not just by the boys!

Ideal as a man's birthday gift, Father's Day or Christmas present, as far as men's candles go, a Manscandle will raise a smile and provide a room fragrance that everyone can enjoy.

See the full range here: Manscandle, Candles For Men.

Thanks for reading!


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