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Summer Candles... Hooray!

Posted on 17 May 2016

Summer Candles

The sun has got his hat on and we're starting to go outdoors! What could be better on a summer evening than to enhance your seasonal senses with summer candles?

Ok… there are many things that could be better, like getting news you've won the lottery!

Anyway, with summer rapidly approaching we've put together a new collection showcasing the best of our summer candles. With this firmly in our minds, today's post will highlight some of our summer favourites to either enhance warm evenings spent outside or to bring the fragrances of summer into our homes.

We have fresh and invigorating candles as well as sensuously floral varieties that are sure to hit the right notes for you. So without further ado, here are our favourite candles to help you enjoy a glorious summer!

Ardent Candles Summer Collection

Shearer Candles Amber & Rose

Shearer Amber & Rose CandlesA glorious combination of floral tuberose and warming amber with violet notes, Shearer's Amber & Rose candles are ideal summer candles.

Tuberose is a white flower native to Mexico that blooms at night delivering a heady, creamy scent of white petals reminiscent of sweet jasmine with green notes. The tuberose aroma combines perfectly with amber in these candles to make a truly opulent summer treat!

Available as tea lights and candle tins (perfect for use outside or in), the Amber & Rose fragrance create fresh and warm aromas, perfect for sharing an evening glass of wine (or two) in your garden during the summer months.

Amber & Rose Tealights - £5.00
Amber & Rose Candle Tins - £7.00

Wax Lyrical Fresh Coconut

Wax Lyrical Fresh Coconut TealightsIf we're thinking about summer holidays, the coconut must surely be a taste and fragrance memory that symbolises tropical getaways.

Wax Lyrical's Fresh Coconut candles of course deliver the aforementioned aroma of creamy coconut over floral notes of sweet jasmine.

Perfect for adding a fresh, rich and slightly floral scent, the Fresh Coconut fragrance is available is packs of 9 tea lights that will enhance the ambiance of an evening meal outside, without overpowering your senses.

Fresh Coconut Tealights - £5.50

St Eval Bay & Rosemary

St Eval Bay & Rosemary CandlesOne of our best-selling candle fragrances, St Eval's Bay & Rosemary candles are a delight!

With wonderfully fresh and natural herbal aromas, Bay & Rosemary are summer candles that keep on giving. Although they can be used all year round (well… we use them from January through to December anyway), the herbal aromas are particularly wonderful on warm nights evoking memories of holidays in Greece… at least for me they do!

St Eval's Bay & Rosemary is available in tealight and candle tin form and come highly recommended.

Bay & Rosemary Tealights - £5.50
Bay & Rosemary Candle Tins - £9.00

St Eval Sea Salt

St Eval Sea Salt CandlesWhat summer is complete without seeing the sea at least once? Another lovely summer candle from St Eval, the Sea Salt fragrance will help you relive days at the beach through a unique mix of ozone and citrus scents.

Truly reminiscent of a summer ocean (without the fish!), St Eval's Sea Salt is another of our best-selling fragrances at this time of year.

As with others in this collection, Sea Salt is available to buy from us as a candle tin, the aromas from which will definitely set a summer scene!

Sea Salt Candle Tins - £5.50

Kew Orange Blossom

Kew Orange Blossom CandlesKew's Orange Blossom is a fresh, sweet and subtle candle fragrance derived from the bitter orange tree.

Beautifully floral with green notes, Orange Blossom offers a wonderful fragrant accompaniment to a summer night.

We offer Kew's Orange Blossom as a candle tin with a 40 hour burn that should last many nights of use. In a word… lovely!

Orange Blossom Candle Tins - £10.00

Kew Wild Fig

Kew Wild Fig CandlesAnother beauty from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew! Kew's Wild Fig offers a luscious, rich fruity aroma of freshly picked wild figs (it does what it says on the tin!), that suggests warmer mediterranean climes.

It's a great summer candle fragrance that, as with all our selections in this post, is at home equally outside as it is indoors.

Kew make super candles and this is no exception. We presently offer Kew Wild Fig candle tins that give up to 40 hours of fruity loveliness!

Wild Fig Candle Tins - £10.00

Shearer Candles Zest

Shearer Zest CandlesJuicy lemon fragrances amplified with fresh verbena and intense lemongrass, Shearer's Zest range is marketed as a "spa" collection. However, the zingy citrus aroma is perfect for summer, having the added benefit of the insect-repelling properties from the lemongrass.

Especially good on balmy evenings, the Zest range will not disappoint!

Coming in a glass container with a silver lid, this is another 40-hour burn candle great for your garden during the summer months.

Lemon, Verbena & Lemongrass Container Candles - £12.00

Noctua Arabian Pomegranate

Noctua Arabian Pomegranate CandlesMore summer fruit! Thus is a subtle, fruity and powdery fragrance with a distinctively refreshing tart-sweetness.

With a background of clove, cedar, patchouli and vanilla, Noctua's Arabian Pomegrante votive candles deliver bags of summery notes.

Not only this, the candles are contained in a small, owl-shaped glass jar, which in itself makes them a lovely little feature on a garden table at night.

Noctua owl votives deliver summer sweetness and bags of atmosphere.

Arabian Pomegranate Votive Candles - £12.50

Noctua Lemongrass & Thyme

Noctua Lemongrass & Thyme CandlesAnother super summer candle from Noctua!

The Lemongrass & Thyme fragrance is ideal for use outside, having a wonderful mix of fresh citrus overtones and herbs.

Great for keeping away the midges and with the same owl votive as Noctua's Arabian Pomegranate candle, this is a wonderfully refreshing candle to ignite your senses for up to 35 hours!

Lemongrass & Thyme Votive Candles - £12.50

Kew Tarocco Orange & Patchouli

Kew Tarocco Orange & Patchouli CandlesClose your eyes and imagine mediterranean fruit groves!

Kew's Tarocco Orange & Patchouli fragrance throws a sharp and almost raspberry-sweet citrus aroma tempered by the earthy sweetness of patchouli.

Presented in an extremely elegant glass jar embossed with a floral motif, Kew's Tarocco Orange & Patchouli has a 60-hour burn making it a truly great summer candle. It's an intensely citrusy candle and a great all rounder for any occasion.

Tarocco Orange & Patchouli Container Candles - £19.95

Kew Yuzu & Green Tea

Kew Yuzu & Green Tea CandlesIf you've no idea what yuzu smells like, it's like a super mix of grapefruit, lemon and lime.

Kew's Yuzu & Green Tea combines the aromas of yuzu with jasmine, elderflower and very subtle base notes of green tea.

Citrus, flowers and tea… an ideal, sophisticated summer blend!

Yuzu & Green Tea Container Candles - £19.95

These are just a handful of our summer candles. To see all the candles in our summer collection, visit this page:

Summer Candles

Thanks for reading!


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